Saturday, March 30, 2013

Positive & Sympathetic Reaction pouring in from layoff stories

I had the opportunity to chat about Government of Newfoundland and Labrador cut to the public service, twice this week on VOCM radio station, once on Wednesday night with Pete Soucy, and once Friday afternoon with Paddy Daly.  It gave me a chance to vent frustration and concern over the lack of respect paid to the employees who were cut - many without any notice.  I also made it clear that i had personal concerns about how the gutting of the Justice system could put their offices in shambles and create safety risks for vulnerable citizens such as women domestic abuse violence and transphobic violence.

one comment on the VOCM site suggested i sue the Government, and yes this may happen. I am now legally entitled to two week pay in lieu - something i gather they have already tried to refuse to give other colleagues of mine who were told with just 1 day that their job was done.

My full interviews with Pete and Paddy were video recorded from my living room live as they happened. Sadly, you can only hear my parts, but u clearly get enough to tell what the conversations are about.

An online article summarizing the issue has also been posted here.

here's an additional comment i added to their site for context: and what you don't see in this article is the additional challenges i have been faced with my the provincial government over the past 5 years since becoming Jennifer. health care funding denied, overlooked for promotions, refused employment even when i won a job competition.. now the loss of what was supposedly 2 safe and secure jobs...  but beyond me, yes, gutting the justice system is a major mistake in my opinion. yes it is a mess, but it can be fixed with business process improvement and technology advancements, not by clear cutting most of the young professionals. i worry significantly now about the crime in this city, which as we see reported frequently on VOCM, seems to be on the rise.

and here's my latest public status on Facebook today: so nice to see sympathetic comments coming in over on the VOCM article. and really nice to see someone suggest i sue the provincial government.. yes, this is indeed on the radar. will more than likely be heading down to Small Claims Court on monday shortly after i turn in my badge at the Crown Attorneys' office.... nobody's rights shall be bullied or abused, certainly not mine and certainly not by our Provincial Government.. bring it on! i ain't scared of the Minister of Justice, I ain't scared of the Premier. heck, i ain't even scared of Hulk Hogan for crying out loud! 

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