Friday, March 29, 2013

McCreath cancels April Fools Plans, will meet w/ former Employer

Well, the clock has ticked all the way down and expired on my contract, and my employer, the Department of Justice Crown Attorneys Office, has failed to give me 2 weeks written notice of either their intention to renew my contract, or their intentions to not renew it. (thus opening up what appears to be a legal requirement to provide me with 2 weeks pay in lieu of notice, as per federal Canada Labour Code, section 320.1, in the process, interestingly enough).

However, I have been asked to meet with my now former manager, and the Director of Public Prosecutions on Monday, and I have graciously agreed to accept and attend this meeting.  At this meeting, I will make it clear that I expect nothing less than compliance with said law, and ask that they either provide me with a contract extension of not less than two weeks, or two weeks pay in lieu of notice.

I can clearly state that anything short of this legal requirement WILL result in legal action on my part, against the Government of Newfoundland and Labrador.

Given that all of this will go down on April 1, I am formally announcing that I will not be playing any April fools jokes this year. I will promise to report the facts from this meeting, as accurately and truthfully as they occur.  the public deserves to know what's going on and the world needs to know how the Government of Newfoundland truly treats their employees and former employees.

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