Tuesday, March 26, 2013

McCreath disgusted w/ lack of clarity in NL layoffs

I can't help but express extreme disgust at the way in which renewable temporary workers have been left hanging literally to the last minute by the government of Newfoundland. Budget cuts were announced today, but very few individuals were notified specifically. Many folks like myself who are essentially doing permanent functions, yet under the classification of renewed temp assignments, are still left hanging. 6 people in my office alone, are all schedule to finish their temp assignment on Thursday. I would find it hard to believe we are all going to be cut, but anything is possible.

Technically, we've already been given notice of lay off based on original letter of employment received a year ago, stating March 31, 2013 is our last day. There should have been written follow up two weeks ago, either confirming that the temp assignment will not be extended, or making note that an extension has been approved and is offered.

It would now be quite ironic if I find myself taking a new job with a temp agency or call centre, only to have them turn around at the last minute and offer me an extension. Bottom line, if I find a new lower-paying job before the end of the week, I take it. That's what any unemployed person would be expected to do!

Finally, the lack of knowledge has caused many folks to hold off or cancel plans to travel to see family on Easter weekend, cancel winter march break plans, and hold off on signing leases with their landlords. Government, whether you know this or not, you have caused significant stress and anxiety, not only to those already laid off, but those likely to be laid off Thursday, and those likely to get 'bumped' next week.

I gotta be honest. You're not going to get me at 100% these next two days. stress and anxiety takes its toll. The productivity of me and others around me in the office, has clearly taken a step back.

I have been in the workforce for 24 years, and I must honestly say, this has got to be the most disrespected and degraded feelings I have ever had from an employer. I feel the employer sees me more of a piece of their property, rather than a human being.

To work my butt off for 3 years, only to get turfed aside or left hanging with 24 hours notice? This will be the last time! Whether I do in fact get laid off Thursday, or get an extension at the last minute, it will be my plan to leave this organization ASAP, as I have had enough of this disrespect. Taking a job in a call centre or a retail outlet may pay less, but at least I can save my dignity and work for an org I am proud of. Cuz right now, I am not proud to say that I am a provincial Public Servant!


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