Thursday, March 28, 2013

McCreath Still left Hanging re Employment!

Quick update: lower back spasms kept me off work today and in bed on anti inflammatory. Today was to have been my last day of work on paper, with tomorrow's stat holiday being my last official paid day of work.

Amazingly, a phone call to my manger this afternoon still resulted in lack of clarity as to whether or not I will still have a job on Monday. Unlike many of my colleagues, I did not receive any paperwork either denoting an official layoff or an official extension.

Having reviewed the Canada Labour Code and having spoke with someone in Human Resources, 2 weeks formal written notice of 'intent not to renew' or a formal extention letter, is apparently required to confirm any future status. So in lieu of anything new in writing, I am to defer to the last piece of paperwork I received, which was a letter I received 12 months ago indicating I am considered under contract on a temporary basis from April 1, 2012 - March 31, 2013.

I was asked to attend the office Monday morning April 1, 2013, which I will do, where it is expected that I will either be offered an official lay off notification plus 2 weeks pay in lieu of notice, or offered a new contract. 

Given that others in my office have apparently already been let go, it is anticipated that they would have bumping rights to take my job, should I somehow manage to retain mine, my stay will likely be very short-lived, and I would then look to bump a less senior staff member from their job, elsewhere in the Department. 

So it is looking quite likely that either way, my career with the Newfoundland Crown Attorneys' office will officially come to an end on Monday, but there's a good chance, given my seniority, that I will end up somewhere else in the Department.

But given that there are no guarantees with regards to the bumping protocol, I am technically without a contract, unemployed, and looking for work. So it will be my plans to file an EI claim on  March 31, and start sending out applications and resumes to find a new job.

Will keep this blog updated with any new information about me, as it becomes available. 


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