Saturday, March 16, 2013

Another Strong Week of Running! 3/16/2013

Well, even with tons of stress and anxiety going on in my life this week, I managed to have the strongest and most consistent running week since April 2010. Running every day, including a rare week night run, I managed 7 strong runs. I booked my 4th consecutive Wednesday off work, and split my run into two sets. Saturday's long run was supposed to be a 28K, but I cut it short, ironically, because I felt better than I expected at that point, with the idea that I would run again Sunday, rather than take the day off.

With a Monday stat holiday ahead, I hope to make it three consecutive days of 20K to give me a strong boost. I anticipate the week ahead may be my first of what I hope will be many consecutive 100K weeks. I am now down a total of 18 pounds this year, and sit just 12.2k away from matching my net running total of all 2012. I am extremely pleased with my progress and feel quite confident that I can be Boston Qualifying-ready come September!

3/10/13 sun 6.20k
3/11/13 mon 10.50 rare night run
3/12/13 tue 4.00
3/13/13 wed 16.60
3/14/13 thur 4.00
3/15/13 fri 4.00
3/16/13 sat 20.00 long slow distance 2.43.46

65.3k week
309.3k year

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