Wednesday, March 20, 2013

Desjardins Insurance rejects transgender health funding!

Desjardins Insurance has rejected a Special Authorization claim for health insurance funding for natural female hormone Prometrium, stating that "reimbursement cannot be considered for the treatment of male to female transitioning" because it is not part of the "terms and conditions" of the contract.

As an employee of the Government of Newfoundland and Labrador, I face a compulsory requirement to contribute payroll deductions for so-called supplementary health insurance benefits. However, this "contract", which ironically enough, the Desjardins Customer Service hotline was unable to provide me a copy of, seems to be full of loopholes and technicalities that have made finding funding for transsexual-related health care to be nearly impossible to obtain.

An investigation will be launched into the matter to determine whether or not Desjardins and/or the contract, is discriminatory in nature. More information will be reported on this blog as it becomes available.

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Janay Stiles said...

One sign of awareness is being able to sniff anomalies. And this is true with your case. You think that there are anomalies and loopholes in the contract, so you work to be enlightened and enlighten others. I'll be waiting for your update regarding this matter.

Janay Stiles