Saturday, September 22, 2012

Terry Fox run - Pouch Cove!

Well, the Terry Fox Run has always been a special moment for me. Having run back in 1982 in elementary school, it became one of my first somewhat formally-recognized running event that I ever did in my life.  Also, the Terry Fox story is legendary and one that is likely to never be matched.

On April 1, I had the honour of running the first 3K with Troy Adams, who was starting his cross-canada run to raise awareness to brain injuries.  Along the way, we stopped and took pictures at the Terry Fox monument near Harbourside Park on Water Street, where Terry started his run 30 years earlier.

As rough a year as it had been for me, last Sunday aftenoon, I felt up to a little adventure. So, having slept in and missed the morning St. John's edition of Terry Fox run, i drove up to a little town called Pouch Cove, where their run was booked for 2 pm. Their run was also booked as a 3K route through the town - how fitting, given my earlier run with Troy, and given that I was not likely able to run much more than that.

I knew it was a small town, and that it would be a small crowd. I also knew that the Mayor would be there, and that she would likely know who I was.  I also knew that I would have a chance to chat with her. I was right!

This once-great marathon runner, and once very active trans-activist, is now living the life of a socialite - gaining access to prominent members of society, simply based on my legacy. Not a bad position for an aspiring politician!

Anyway, the run went well, the social mingling at the event went very well, and the people of Pouch Cove welcomed me with open arms. I also made a $20 contribution to the Terry Fox run foundation, hence doing my fundraising part as well. A successful afternoon!

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