Saturday, September 22, 2012

Networking Breakfast 3.0 - Kitchener

Well, as a spoof, last year, I organized two events entitled "Networking Brunch with Jennifer McCreath".  One of the drawbacks and benefits of being the only Newfoundlander among a nation-wide community, is differenciation and limited physical access.  While social media, e-mail, skype, and phone calls can bring the world closer together, there's no real substitute for in person meetings.

Being an 'internet sensation' to most has given me a quasi-celebrity status. The fact that i have documented my life journey, specifically, my transition, I have managed to capture the attention of transpeople and advocates all over the country.  Last year, events in Halifax and Mississauga were very well attended, and it was no different this week in Kitchener, where about 10 people joined me for brunch, shortly after I stepped off a very very early morning flight into Pearson from Newfoundland.

In attendance were trans people from all over the area, as well as one who traveled from London Ontario, the infamous Michelle Boyce - a transwoman who runs the Alphabet Community Centre - a transfriendly medical clinic; and host of a weekly radio show, which I was once a featured guest, Between the Margins.

Also in attendance was Marie, a transwoman who has referred to me as her idol and hero - something that has got to be the most heaertwarming and touching thing one could ever imagine. I am glad that by making my life public, I have reached out and given Marie and others the inspiration to follow their dreams.

As a tribute to them all from me, I agreed to pick up the tab! It's events like this that make me realize that the transition strategy I have chosen, was the right one. Sure, it is tough to be in the spotlight and under the microscope - but at the same time, I recognize the value of being able to afford the luxury of transitioning in public. There are many who can't do this.  The ability to educate the world is something I know many love and respect me for.  But in the end, while this may appear to be a form of trans advocacy, this is simply me attempting to develop friendships with people I have communicated with online for so long.  I'm just a girl trying to live her life, and that's what makes all of this so great!

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