Saturday, September 22, 2012

Running Streaks Over 9/22/2012

Well, it was one of the toughest and sadest decisions I ever had to make. I decided to withdraw last week from next month's Cape to Cabot 20K race. I also pulled out of this weekend's Newfoundland Provincial Marathon.  Entering this year, there were three races I had run every year since taking up the sport of distance running in 2007. These were two of them. Cape to Cabot was even tougher because this race conceptualized in 2007 - hence, I have never missed it.

Here's a vlog I filmed shortly after filing my withdrawal papers. One of the most depressing moods I have ever shot a video.

It's been a rough year for me in many ways, and not being able to train for distance runs due to my torn ligament in my ankle has probably been the most emotionally depressing issue.  It is easy for me to understand why former pro athletes get depressed, and why some even commit suicide. To think that you can no longer do what you do best? to no longer be able to do what makes you who you are? Very tough to accept - especially at a young age. I'm 38, but feel much younger in many ways, and I have only been a runner for 5 years. to think that it may be all over so soon? not fun at all.

Oh well, I have to accept where things are at and keep looking for new ways to try to stay motivated and to get myself in better shape.

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