Saturday, September 22, 2012

Meeting Rising Canadian Country Star Lindsay Ell

I've been meaning to write about this for a while, but on August 21 and 22, I had the amazing experience of attending two country shows that featured world-renowned legend Keith Urban. It is amazing to see that majot global music acts continue to come to Newfoundland. But for me, the show-stealer was the opening act.  While I always get to concerts early enough to see the openers, it's not very often that I pay much attention to them. Well, when the emcee announced that a young lady from Calgary, Alberta, Canada, who had just recently signed a record deal and moved to Nashville, was about to hit the stage, well, I immediately focused my attention on the stage.

What followed was a stunningly beautiful blonde in tight pants, walking on stage with a purple Les Paul Gibson guitar in hand.  Within 30 seconds, I realized this girl was for real. She could sing, she could play the guitar, and she knew how to get and keep the audiences' attention. Her set featured several tunes she wrote herself - including rockers and ballads. She also pulled off an amazing version of Tom Cochrane's Life Is A Highway. She wrapped up her set and announced she was heading to the souvineer table for a meet n greet. With that, I was out to the table right away for a chat with her.

The next night, I was back at the table, having done some research on her. Wow, turns out she was discovered by Canadian rock legend Randy Bachman, who worked with her on an independant CD release.  She turned out to be older than she looked, and has extreme experience working with many of the greatest names in the business. 

Back at the table the second night, she obviously remembered me, and seemed quite excited that I had done some homework and had some interesting sofisticated questions for her.  With that, and with some follow up tweets, a new friendship of sorts was born. 

Ahhhh, just doing my part living my life as a transitioned woman.  Now there's an up and coming music talant that has had a positive encounter with a trans person. It was really fun for me to get to know her, and send a gentle reminder to her and her industry that transitioned people love music too!

We have since exchanged a few e-mails and we have checked out each others' youtube sites. She now knows all there is to know about me.... and she still wants to be friends! how cool is that?? lol

Anyway, she has been busy working away on her new album - writing songs while on a retreat to the lovely Florida panhandle.  Keep your eyes open for her music to hit the market soon. Meanwhile, check her out on twitter at @LindsayEll

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