Sunday, June 10, 2012

Trans Human Rights in Newfoundland - 2 years later 6/9/2012

Wow, I was going through an old jump drive and came across an old interview that i did on CBC Radio Noon on June 22, 2010, discussing the latest internal review of the Newfoundland Human Rights Act by the Department of Justice. I specifically spoke about the refusal of the Government to add the terms Gender Identity or Gender Expression to the Act. The interview can be downloaded here:

Here we are two years later, still fighting the same challenges and still living in a province without explicit protection. The most obvious affect of this lack of protection was my loss at the Human Rights Commission with regards to the failure of the Provincial Health Care System (AKA Medical Care Plan - MCP), to refuse to cover the costs of transsexual surgery, even when deemed medically-necessary by my doctors.

A secondary issue has been my failure to secure gainful employment that allows me to maximize my earning and career potential. As Bills work their way though the Government legislatures of Ontario and Canada, I can only hope that the day will come when Newfoundland finally gets on board and takes steps to ensure equality for all, trans or not.


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