Thursday, June 7, 2012

Review of Bill C-279 2nd Vote 06/06/2012

Well, last week Randall Garrison shocked everyone by announcing his willingness to remove the term "gender expression" from this bill, and add a definition for "gender identity"

well, whether or not this will prove to be the right thing, it may have helped get this Bill past a second vote.  The house passed the vote 150-132 on the strength of 15 Yes votes from Conservative Party members. 

Of note, Conservatives was the only party to have any negative votes cast, as all Bloc, NDP & Liberals voted yes, who were present, as did Elizabeth May of the Green Party and Bruce Hyer, an Independant.

Over the past week, I found myself reaching out to certain Conservatives for whom I had some sort of personal connection with, in hopes of gaining support.  While I have no idea whether or not my letter was influencial or not, I would like to personally thank one of my targetted MPs, Bernard Valcourt, for supporting the bill.

Later tonight, I will be Vloging about those targetted ones who voted no. I will also have some choice words for the various other No voters who I have highlighted below. So, stay tuned.  Meanwhile, here's a review of some key votes:

Conservative Yes:

Chris Alexander - Ajax Pickering
Michael Chong -Wellington-Halton Hills
John Duncan - Vancouver Island North
Kerry-Kynne Findlay - Delta - Richmond East
Jim Flaherty - Whitby-Oshawa
Shelly Glover - St. Boniface
Laurie Hawn - Edmonton Centre
Gerald Keddy -South Shore - St. Margaret
Cathy McLeod - Kamloops/Thompson/Cariboo
Lisa Raitt - Halton
Michelle Rempel - Calgary Centre North
Bruce Stanton - Simcoe North
Bernard Trottier - Etobicoke Lakeshore
Bernard Valcourt - Madawaska—Restigouche
David Wilks - Kootenay- Columbia

Notable No Votes:

Peter McKay
Tony Clement
Julian Fantino
Diane Finley
Brian Jean (Ft. McMurray/Athabasca)
Peter Kent
Denis Lebel
Bev Oda
Peter Penashue (Labrador)
Gail Shea
Vic Toews
Ted Opitz (Etobicoke Centre)
Robert Goguen (Moncton-Riverview-Dieppe)

Did not Vote:
Stephen Harper
Rona Ambrose

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OConnor said...

I might add HArold Albrecht to your list. Although he does not hold a cabinet position he is the MP behind C300 re: suicide prevention. It seems hypocritical that he wants to address suicide but then allow transgendered people to be marginalized.