Wednesday, June 13, 2012

Toby's Bill passes in Ontario 6/13/2012

An historic day for trans rights in Canada today as a trans-rights private members bill in Ontario that was co-sponsored by all three political parties, passed third and final reading in the House today. Gender Identity and Gender Expression will now be added to the Ontario Human Rights Code as explicit grounds of protection under the Act.

This is huge news as it will demonstate that a major jurisdiction has recognized the unique existance of the gender variant community, as well as recognize the inappropriate oppression and discrimination that this community has faced. While amending a government Act won't immediately guarantee rights and protections, it will send a strong message of moral suasion to society. 

Finally, trans rights are recognized as human rights issues and not as a political matter.  Meanwhile, Manitoba and the Federal Canadian Acts are also currently faced with tabled legislation of a similar nature. Meanwhile, in Newfoundland, the Minister of Justice refused to make similar amendments when asked to do so, as recently as last month.

Mainstream media in Newfoundland has taken notice of this issue, and they are going to air stories about this. Ultimately, the provincial government is going to look bad for refusing to follow suit, and their pitiful excuses will only further serve to make them look like idiots.

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