Tuesday, June 26, 2012

McCreath officially disowns the transsexual label!

Well, as reported earlier today on this blog, the American Psychiatric Association has announced their intentions to declassify Gender Dysphoria (AKA transsexualism/transgenderism) as a mental illness. They have also announced their intentions to disassociate it from fetishism.  They have also announced their intentions to include a 'specifier' that indicates that patients who have transitioned will recognize a state of permanent remission.

With this in mind, I have decided that it is in my best interest, and in the best interest of the trans community, that I no longer refer to myself as a transsexual. Instead, I will use the terms 'post-transitioned' and 'woman born transsexual', as I see no reason to hold onto a label that does not accurately reflect my status, in the eyes of global industry leaders. As Jenna Talackova once said: I am a woman with a history.

This doesn't necessarily mean the end of my advocacy work, but it does mean that I will be tackling it from a different perspective, and that my primary focus will be on action that will serve the best interests of the post-transitioned.


Elizabeth said...

DSM-V does not declassify transsexualism or transgenderism. It now uses the term Gender Dysphoria but that term most certainly covers transsexuals.

In order to declassify transsexual the DSM would have to remove gender dysphoria from the DSM. Simply listing criteria one must meet to be considered gender dysphoria means transsexualism is covered as is some forms of transgenderism.

All these idiot shrinks have done is blur the lines between what is transsexual and what is transgender.

This is according to the DSM site http://www.dsm5.org/ProposedRevision/Pages/proposedrevision.aspx?rid=482#. If this site has been updated elsewhere I am not aware of please provide a link.

Reaity Check said...


Jennifer McCreath said...

quoted directly from their site: "We chose not to make any decision between its categorization as a psychiatric or a medical condition"

chelsea_ said...

Labels, terms, titles.
Male, female, transgender
Gay, straight, bisexual
Rich, middle class, poor
Laws, rules, athority

all of these

we are all human
we are all different from one another.
Why must we subgroup ourselves any further?

we are all more like one another than we are different from each other. Technically anyways..

It's all just separation from one another. And we can break this down so much. So that we fit within a special place...
If the powers that be concentrated on teaching society that we are all equal and we are all one, there would be nothing to fight about.

We could focus on building a better world.

But that's just utopia.

Theres too much categorizing to do to think about being equal. As if mother nature didn't differentiate us enough. But theres the irony, we must label the differences.


HHB said...

@ quoted directly from their site: "We chose not to make any decision between its categorization as a psychiatric or a medical condition"

But these are intended as alternative descriptions for the same thing, not as alternatives which one might believe. This is because ALL psychiatric conditions are also medical conditions since psychiatry is a branch of medicine . So call it psychiatric or call it medical, Gender Dysphoria as proposed for DSM-5 is a psychosis, that is to say GD is a mental illness in DSM-5.

It would not have to be removed from the DSM to be declassified; it merely would require (but will not get) an express statement that it is NOT a mental illness. This is how V62.82 BEREAVEMENT appears in the DSM-IV (it is proposed to change bereavement into a mental illness for DSM-5).

Another non-mental illness that appears in DSM-IV is V61.1 Sexual Abuse of Adult. This is basically being a victim of rape which used to be a mental illness, presently is not (DSM-IV), but may become a mental illness again in DSM-5.