Tuesday, March 6, 2012

McCreath resigns from Pride, Board to expand via Public Election!

McCreath resigns from Board! Public Elections to come!

St. John's Pride Inc. is excited to announce a growth expansion exercise that will attempt to demonstrate and capture a stronger sense of public stewardship. Jennifer McCreath will resign her seat, and it will be replaced by three seats that will be filled via public election. These new three will join the remaining two members, Brandon Jenkins and Vanessa Woodford, to form a new Board of five, who will have responsibility for the organization until Sept 14, 2012, the company anniversary date, when all five positions will be up for renewal. Their immediate attention will focus on continued progress of the planning for Pride Week, which will take place July 16-22.

As Pride currently has no formal membership program, we are opening the doors for a public meeting on March 21, and anyone who attends, will have the option to vote. Voting attendees must be greater than 25, not including nominees and existing Board members, otherwise, Pride will consider that the public is not supportive of expansion and will continue to operate under existing Board. Prospective candidates must attend the meeting in person and be nominated and seconded by their colleagues, who must also be present. The election system will be 'first three past the post'. After all candidates have been identified and had a chance to introduce themselves via three minute presentation, all voters will be asked to vote for three candidates, via secret ballot. All five board positions will initially be considered at-large positions, but at their discretion, may self-appoint titles.

St. John's Pride Inc., was founded on Sept 14, 2010 by three members of the local LGBT community upon advice and consultation with several community members. The main objective of the founders was to create a formal structure that adhered to Government regulations, and to create a program that would build credibility, challenge community indifference, and attempt to bring more prominent members to the table. The core values of the organization include a commitment to transparency, accountability and inclusivity.

After the elections have concluded, Pamela Sheaves will give a presentation on Pride Week planning to date. Then a general discussion will follow.

The meeting will take place Wednesday March 21 from 6 - 8 pm at the Sobeys Community Room, 320 Torbay Road, Fall River plaza location.

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