Saturday, March 31, 2012

March 31, 2012 - It Still Stings Three Years Later

"Thanks for all your great work, but we're not renewing your temp assignment due to some changes in the org structure and business priorities."       Hmmmmmmm, so much for what was supposed to be a safe and secure job that was going to be made permanent. So much for the suggestion that i go out and get a mortgage and buy a house. 

Perhaps we'll never really know for sure, how much of a factor my coming out as a transsexual was in the decision for the phasing out of my job as a Senior Policy Analyst.  Two weeks later, not surprisingly, it was front page news that Government had suddenly let go of the transsexual.  As I predicted, finding work at the same level in the future would prove practically impossible given the stereotypes in society about transsexualism and given our lack of human rights protection.

well, three years later, i find myself having spent one year out of work and two years in a job paying half as much.  I suppose i am not alone in this world in the category of underemployed.  I should also feel fortunate that i have managed to not only retain this job, but earn a reclassification to a slightly higher level - something almost unheard of in 2012 in any public service.

For three years, i have had to go back to basics and essentially prove myself all over again, starting pretty much from scratch. i have had to stick my nose deep into volunteer work to re-invent myself and build up a resume and reputation as a leader in business development, policy writing and compliance, community engagement, and change management. A detailed look back through this blog will give you an idea of the many great things i have done. Now i am hoping that this will finally open some doors for me. 

Let's hope year four of my post pre-transition employment, turns out to be the year that provides the break-through opportunity i have been waiting all my life for.

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