Wednesday, March 14, 2012

March 14, 2012 - Media goes viral over my resignation from Pride!

wow, it took them a few days, but mainstream media has been all over the story of me resigning from St. John's Pride Inc.  in the past 24 hours, i have conducted interviews for CBC radio Newfoundland, CBC radio's, Gander, CBC radio St. John's, CBC tv St. John's, and VOCM radio.

Not surprisingly, the media loves any sort of conflict and will twist and turn stories into ways that will sell media. but i took advantage of these opportunities to raise awareness to challenges i have faced as a transsexual, a very small minority, among the LGBTQ community.  at the same time, i used this opportunity to raise awareness to pride and awareness to the huge meeting on march 21. i honestly believe that this coverage will benefit the entire city and more people will take notice and express support towards pride and the lgbt community.

will post hyper links to media as they become available..


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