Friday, March 30, 2012

March 30, 2012 - Hamie the Hamster

Well, sad news was brought to my attention wednesday morning, as it was reported that the mommy of my hamster Scooter, had died - seemingly all of a sudden. Hamie was never supposed to become  a mommy, but she somehow ended up in Charlie's cage, and well... things happened.... lol

3 weeks later, there were 6 baby hamsters, and I was fortunate enough to obtain one of them. Scooter was a spitting image of mommy.  Although I only met Hamie once, I received countless updates over the phone as I learned about the amazing process of how Hamie mothered her 6 babies. It felt as if she was a part of my family.  Hamsters are very small rodents, but they have a rather sofisticated brain. Scooter has adjusted very well to being in my home, and sharing it with two very curious cats, Danny and Dasher. 

Hamie's human family all feel quite saddened and devestated by her sudden death, but the fun memories will last forever, and her spirit will live on with my Scooter. (depicted here is Scooter at a young age).

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