Saturday, March 17, 2012

March 17, 2012 - Lovely Afternoon

well, after a much-needed 12 hour sleep, i decided to venture out into this lovely calm spring afternoon. I gave my torn ligament its strongest test yet - 4k of running (including a few brief walk breaks) in 30 minutes.  the support system that i have put in place via physio over the last 3 months (including muscle strengthening, electro and ultrasound therapy, and a change in running mechanics), have really built a strong crutch around the injury so that i can run on it without putting direct pressure on it.

this is likely an injury that will never heal, but i can learn to manage with it.  losing weight is now the next goal. at 38, my body is well past its healing prime, and yes, i will probably have to deal with ankle pain for the rest of my life. but this doesn't mean i can't find a walk to stay active.. walking, running, swimming - should all be in scope.

meanwhile, i spent a lovely 40 minutes at the animal shelter today, my first visit there in about 3 weeks. they have 4 new grey baby kittens who are 3 weeks old. they are apparently stray cats that were rescued somewhere and no mommy cat.  they were so cute as they were all cuddling together.  i also had a nice visit with several adult cats.  

then i had a nice walk around the wooded area at kent's pond, and got to see several of the infamous red squirrels.  lots of ducks at the still frozen pond too.  a lovely afternoon that i didn't want to end.


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