Thursday, February 23, 2012

Tweeting on Twitter - rubbing virtual shoulders with Celebrities 2/23/2012

well, i have finally discovered twitter and understand the value and difference between twitter and other social media entities such as facebook.  i initially snubbed twitter thinking that 140 characters was not nearly enough for an outspoken person like me to make a point to anyone.  but then i realized, well, a quick and consice sound byte is probably all that celebs may have time to read. heck, they all have thousands of followers.

the trick is to be on twitter live during real time, when they are on line. make sure you tweet them when you know they are online and reading their screen. differentiate your message from the other hundreds of messages you think they are getting at the same time from others, and maybe, just maybe, they will not only read your tweet, but reply directly to you.

well, it works! i have managed to gain responses from some of the best known national and global celebs. including Wimbledon champion Venus Williams, pro-wrestler The Blue Meanie, Ontario Premier Dalton McGuinty, The Score's tv personality Renee Paquette, Manitoba curling champion Kaitlyn Lawes, Nashville Country Music star Mike Jeffers of Pinmonkey, and Republic of Doyle actors Allan Hawco & Marthe Bernard. In one of these cases (i won't reveal which one, the tweeting has lead to a possible businesss relationship!). 

meanwhile, on the other side of the coin, by 'following' people, and tweeting at them, i have managed to get them to follow me back. this includes over 200 important media reps. so now, if i have something important to say, people will likely hear it faster!

so folks, it's time to get into the game. go to and sign up for an account, then go to and 'follow' me!

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