Tuesday, July 6, 2010

July 6, 2010 - running update

well, hardly any running lately. i think 23.2k in 24 days.. yikes! i've been busy, stressed out, and tired, and still have a sore foot.

but i have signed up for a few local races, to try to get my butt out the door for a run more often on the weekends!

Mews 8k - July 11 (will be a bittersweet run as last year i ran along side of Kim in her debut race. She is on the shelf indefinitely these days to due severe cluster headache problems.

Sexual Health Charity 5k - July 18 (highly doubt i will successfully defend my title this year, but this is more of a fun run for charity, than anything else. I am actually part of a St. John's, PRIDE team, so that will be fun too!)

Tely 10 - July 25 (my long-awaited return to Newfoundland's most popular road race, this 16.09k jaunt down topsail road into the city from the town of Paradise has grown into a mega event with an expected 2500 runners. AFter running 70 and 74 minute Telys in 2007 and 2008, respectively, (and finishing near the front of the pack), it will be strange feeling to be near the back this year, but at least i can say that i ran it again!

Newfoundland Provincial Marathon - Sept 26 - no idea how i am going to find a way to complete this tough run, but then again, i managed to get thru 5 in 34 days this spring when i was convinced i couldn't even do 1. this will be 4 newfoundlands in a row, and 25th overall. a nice milestone, and a nice way to go out, if in fact, this is my last marathon.



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