Monday, July 19, 2010

July 19, 2010 - back on TV, twice!

wow, so i get settled into my desk at work and a colleague comes along and congratulates me for my 2 news stories. Yikes, i had no idea that he was talking about last night's news! i though he was referring to my two appearances on CBC and NTV for pride flag raising events.

well, turns out NTV ran an additional story on Pride that included segments of me speech and interview from the flag raising. wow, just when i thought they had shelved my comments, they air it. which is great! a big thanks and congrats to Carolyn and all the crew at NTV for doing such a great job with their media coverage for Pride.

this interview focuses on concerns with out-of-date and inadequate health care funding policies:
Jennifer's Trans Health Interview on NTV .

later in the telecast, NTV ran a story about the G20 protest, and i was depicted not only marching down the street in the parade, but a good portion of my speech aired too, including my infamous intentional misuse of the non-word "freedomly" :
Jennifer's G20 Freedom of Expression Interview on NTV .

Once again, a big thanks and congrats to NTV for airing social justice issues in the news, issues that are often overlooked by other media entities.

well, meanwhile, it was more Pride today as i had coffee with a few pride-related friends, then we all headed down to the Women's Centre for a Pride movie night. In lieu of attendance by any of the "official, unofficial pride committee" i acted as co-host of the event, along with the manager of the Women's Centre. I gave a brief speech before the movie aired, where i talked a little bit about the remaining Pride events, thanked the women's centre for their great interest and dedication to the LGBTQ community, and thanked everyone for coming out.

on that note, as deep as i have gotten involved with Pride this year, i find it rather strange that the folks who have set up the Pride website have verbally refered to me as a member of the 'committee' yet they won't formally announce this title on either their website or on their facebook site.. hmmm.... oh well, that's a topic of another kind for another day.

anyway, later in the early evening, i had a nice swim in Kent's Pond, before heading home for the night.

Another big day ahead tomorrow, as i have a dental visit, then a trip to middle cove beach for the pride bonfire, where among other things, i will challenge 'queen lorne' to a bikini contest! should be a fun-filled evening of belly flab.. lol


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