Saturday, July 31, 2010

July 31, 2010 - cloudy day

well, after two extremely busy weeks, i treated myself to a nice sleep-in today. i didn't get to bed til 1.30 am last night, but i slept in til about noon. the rain had finally stopped, so i decided to head out for what i hoped would be a long run. it turned out to be very humid, so i ended up jumping in the pond with all my running gear on after 5k. the dip was nice and refreshing. then i carried on some more, but started to feel dehydrated, so i came inside after 12k for a break. then i decided to pull the plug on the rest of the run and just have a nice walk over to the other pond, where i fed the ducks and took a little nap on a picnic bench. then back home for laundry and another nap. hope i have more energy tomorrow.

well, i can only hope that August will bring more summery weather here. it has traditionally not been that great in recent years. i definitely hope to get lots more swims in the pond, as well as hopefully a few more trips to the beach. I also hope to start to pick my running back up a notch, now that these new SSRIs seem to be giving me a boost. Although BQing is long out the window, I want to run the Newfoundland Provincial Marathon in late September, for the 4th year in a row. So, i have some training to do in order to rebuild my endurance to where it needs to be to run a marathon.


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