Thursday, July 22, 2010

July 20, 2010 - Pride Bikini Contest a success!

well, my involvement with Pride continued this week on Tuesday night with an apperance at the Bonfire at Middle Cove beach. I arrived fashionably late along with championship belt, where i defended my self-proclaimed title against the infamous 'queen of george street', Lorne 'the queen' King in a bikini contest! All in the name of fun. As it happened, Lorne was too chicken to wear the full bikini, so our friend Nathan dawned the bikini bottom while Lorne wore the top.

The crowd of over 400 members of the LGBT community looked on and cheered us all on. After the posedown, myself and Nathan jumped into the ocean for a cold swim.

Unfortunately, no decent pictures have surfaced from this event, but here's one that was forwarded to me, as well as the pre-game hype with the queen, at the opening pride reception.

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