Saturday, July 17, 2010

July 17, 2010 - Advocacy of a different cause

Well, today was rather unique. i decided, almost at the last minute, to attend a public protest/rally/march to raise awareness and concern over the police brutality and other human rights violations that occured last month in Toronto during the G20 meetings. I had the chance to hang out and chat with other familiar local advocates and activists, including the infamous Jeremy Dyer, the student who made national headlines when he refused to shake hands with Prime Minister Steven Harper, who intended to use Jeremy as a political pawn at a museum launch. Jeremy and I, and a few others took to the microphone in front of the Colonial Building, shortly after marching thru the streets. I spoke briefly about the importance of recognizing both freedom of expression and human rights, regardless of who you are, or what your gender is. Depicted is me speaking, and me with Jeremy. my speech was recorded on video and can be seen here: Jennifer's Speech . More videos and pictures can be found on youtube and facebook respectively.

A big day tomorrow as i will run the 5k 'Run for Respect' to raise money for the NL Sexual Health Centre. I will also be captaining a team of 10 runners who will be representing St. John's Pride. Should be lots of fun!


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