Tuesday, July 27, 2010

July 25, 2010 - pride finale and a new beginning!

Well, if running the Tely 10 wasn't enough, the day continued with the pride finale: a rally at the colonial building, a parade, a drag queen contest, and a BBQ. the parade turn out was the largest ever in our city. Depicted is me on the megaphone just before the drag event (i spoke about the differences between drag and trans, and also spoke about some of the same battles we are fighting together). Also depicted is me with two fellow World Outgames runners, who i will be forming a chapter of international frontrunners with, here in Newfoundland.

Now, the fun begins as we all try to figure out how to make pride bigger and better in the future. It's no secret that there has been some battles among the different demographics in our local LGBT community. I have made the first major move, having recently secured the rights to the name St. John's Pride Inc., and the domain for www.stjohnspride.org in hopes that this will be a catalyst to bring change from a small group who have essentially ran pride in a manner that is not very transparent or accountable. ultimately, i hope to work with everyone to ensure that pride can offer something for everyone. I actually find it strange that they didn't incorporate before. The next steps will be to put together a team of Directors who can formally found the company, and then we will look to put together some project teams to undertake the great deal of work that needs to be done. An exciting challenge ahead, and one i am looking forward to, and one i am proud to take on!

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