Thursday, November 7, 2013

St John's Pride Week 2011 Archival Footage

I was asked a few weeks ago by St. John's Pride Inc, to help put together a list of archival footage for a Pride history project they are working on. I am happy to provide links to all content from the 2011 Pride week, that I am aware of, that exists on public websites:

Audio and Video

7-11-2011 VOCM Interview

7-16-2011 Hyping Variety Show

7-18-2011 St. John's Flag Raising NTV Coverage CBC Coverage full flag raising part 1 full flag raising part 2

7-18-2011 Evening Reception Video Clips

7-19-2011 Middle Cove Flag Raising

7-19-2011 Jenn's It Gets Better Message

7-22-2011 Panel Discussion - Arts and Culture Centre - 9 part video.

7-22-2011 CBC Profiles Local Transwoman

7-23-2011 Denielle Hann's set at the Variety Show - Arts Culture Centre

7-24-2011 Parade

Facebook Photo Albums

Day One (Flag Raising, Reception, Coffee House)

Day Two (Aids Committee, Middle Cove)


Self Defence

Yuk Yuks

Scavenger Hunt

Picnic and Zumba

Variety Show

Parade Rally

Drag Racing



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