Thursday, November 7, 2013

NL Government Finally Agrees to Trans Human Rights!

It was brought to my attention that Government of Newfoundland and Labrador's Minister of Justice, Darrin King, spoke in the House today about trans human rights. He says the Government plans to table a Bill that would seek to amend the Human Rights Act to include Gender Identity and Gender Expression.

Government's official press release can be found here.

The Media was quick to jump on this story. VOCM radio contacted me for an interview. Full footage of my end of the conversation can be viewed here.

The New Democratic Party also applauded this move and have released this statement on their web site.

As I mention in my interview, now comes the real work as we seek to have provincial policies for fair access to employment, housing and health care, amended. Also, the Government must play a role in changing societal attitudes regarding trans people and trans issues. Coincidentally, CBC Radio Noon ran a story today on trans health. A local transman, Chris Higdon, is taking on a campaign to change health polices as well as to raise funds for trans health procedures that he needs for which the Government currently will not fund.  A clip of Chris' interview as well as my reaction can be found here.

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