Tuesday, November 5, 2013

McCreath's Open Letter blasting Dennis O'Keefe for Transgender Awareness Week Snub! 11/04/13

Here is an open letter I sent to Mayor of St. John's, Dennis O'Keefe, today, over his involvement and mishandling of an important transgender event and milestone for this City.

Hi Mister Mayor,

I must write today to express extreme disappointment to learn that you and members of St. John's Pride Inc., would organize an unadvertised Trans Week Awareness proclamation signing event, without inviting me and without inviting/informing members of the trans community, or the general public. I consider this snub personal, and I consider this a clear indication that both the City of St. John's and St. John's Pride Inc, is only interested in paying mere lip-service to the trans community and their issues, rather than taking us seriously, and letting us and our issues be seen and heard.

 Jennifer McCreath

While the idea seems nice, it disappoints me that this was done behind my back, and without any public consultation with the trans community. Sadly, this proclamation omits what is perhaps the most pressing challenge trans people face in order to live independently - fair access to employment. Furthermore, that fact that this was done privately and quietly, demonstrates a clear indication as to where both the Mayor and Pride Inc stand, with regards to their interest in running an open and inclusive program. This was also a major opportunity lost to bring some much-needed mainstream media attention, to the challenges still faced by trans-identified people.

It's no secret that many members of the trans communities across North America, have accused the gay communities, and the rest of society, of throwing us under the bus and attempting to act and speak for us, rather than with us. Sadly, this adds yet another example to this theory.


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