Thursday, November 14, 2013

Scooter the Hamster 10/16/11 - 11/13/13

It's with great sadness that I report the passing of my little friend, Scooter the Hamster. While hamsters are often known for being impersonal, this one was particularly friendly towards humans. A friend asked me to take on baby Scooter, shortly after a surprise pregnancy by Scooter's mommy hamster, produced 6 baby hamsters. For the next 24.5 months, Scooter would add so much fun to my household, which also includes 2 cats. Scooter is perhaps best- known for his appearances on my youtube channel, where he endorsed me as a political candidate, ran in the hamster wheel, and ate sunflower seeds, among other things. 

Scooter was showing signs of aging - including thinning fur and a frail, lethargic nature. However, he never appeared in pain, and it would appear that he died a pain-free and peaceful manner, as he went to sleep Tuesday night Nov 12, and never woke up the next morning. Monday night, I had my last cuddle with him, after I returned home from a long day's work. Tuesday night when I got home from work, he was sleeping but still breathing. I wanted to have a cuddle but decided to let him sleep. Sadly, when I went to bed that night, it was the last time  I saw Scooter alive.

In the morning, I went over to change his water and give him some more food, and I immediately noticed he was dead. He died curled up in a ball in the corner of his cage, all burrowed into the fake pine straw that he lived in.

I gave Scooter a burial in the woods later that afternoon, and filmed a memorial video tribute on site, the next day (today).  Depicted above, is me with Scooter on Election Night, Sept 24, 2013.


remi said...

I'm sorry for your loss. It's heartbreaking to lose a pet, no matter how small or old they are. People can underestimate how much love and happiness a hamster can bring to a home, they can be the sweetest pets. I'm glad Scooter found a good home and life with you.

Emmy Scammahorn said...

I'm so sorry. I keep hamsters, as well, and love each of them. It's amazing how much personality such a little body can have. It's good that Scooter died peacefully.