Wednesday, July 17, 2013

Pride on Campus - MUN Raises Rainbow Flag! 7/16/2013

Well, there has always been Pride events on campus for as long as I have been here. Looking back through the history of St. John's, there have been years when the Campus Pride events were the only ones. When my team of community leaders incorporated St. John's Pride Inc in Sept 2010, some of the folks on campus felt slighted. This lead to a more formal development of a Pride week movement that is specifically run by and for students on Campus.  The end result is a legacy that adds significant value. These two groups are now getting along and they have worked together to essentially provide double the amount of Pride events for the entire City to enjoy. 

It was an honour to attend their flag-raising ceremony and to meet with and speak with members of the various student union reps and some of the volunteers at the schools' LGBT resource Centre.

Emcee Michael Walsh introduces the President of the School

Graduate Student Union Rep speaks 

Rainbow Flag is raised, through the trees! 

Posing for pics with Student Jordan Willis

Posing for pic with trans-identified MUN Student, Jake Cutler

Cake is always good!

Lovely young ladies at the cake table!

St. John's Pride Inc founder, Jennifer McCreath, meets current Board of Director Chair, Noah Davis-Power. Noah is also known as President, replacing my old title of Head of Corporate Management.
I liked my title better though! :P

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