Sunday, July 28, 2013

Final Preparations for Tely 10!

Well, it is probably the most important road race in Eastern Canada - and no, it is not a marathon. It is a 16.09 km run down Topsail Road in Paradise, Newfoundland.  The Tely 10 was named after a representative of the Evening Telegram Newspaper, got it in his mind that he would organize a ten mile road run.

I am really excited to be back in this event after missing 3 of the past 4.  Shortly after moving to Newfoundland, once people found out I was a distance runner, I was told that this race is a must-run.  I ran it in 2007 in a time of just more than 74 minutes - good enough to place me in the top 10%. a year later, even on extremely tired legs from an insane spring marathon schedule, I knocked my personal best down to just under 71 minutes - good enough for 125th out of over 2000 runners.

2009 would find me in Copenhagen, Denmark on the date of the Tely, where i became the first formally-sanctioned transsexual marathon runner in world history, by completing the World Outgames Marathon.

I would return to Topsail Road on a hot Sunday morning in 2010, nowhere near the shape I had been in two years prior, but still managed to surprise myself by breaking 96 minutes.

2011 found me deep into pride week organization, causing me to miss the run. In 2012, I was registered, but  DNS (did not start) at the last-minute, due to inflammation in my knees, and a nagging torn left ankle tendon.

Currently, I am probably in the worst Tely shape ever, but I still feel confident I can get out there and have a good run this morning. I crammed in a few more light training runs in prep, including a strong 6.6k last night at midnight, on my lunch break, and another 3.3k run, a sprint of sorts, on my way home from work this morning.. it is now 1.18 am and i am about to fall asleep for a nap and will wake up at 5 am to prep for the 8 am start time.  should be really fun!

depicted above, me approaching the finish line at the 2010 Tely 10.

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