Sunday, July 28, 2013

McCreath adds another Tely 10!

I am very happy with my run today. I consistently ran 8 minute kilometres, and crossed the finish line just ahead of my 128 minute goal, giving me my 4th career Tely 10 Miler finish. It was a very consistent run, 63 minutes on the first half, and 64 on the second half. My official finishing time is 2.07.19.  Just one week ago, I thought a 2.20 would be ambitious. But I managed to get in a couple of good light training runs this week, which gave me just enough of a boost to pick things up a notch.

I started out a little slow, given that the first 2k were uphill, and given that I really didn't know how my knees and ankle were going to take to the running. After a 13.5 minute mile to start the race, I was consistently running 12 minute miles for the rest of the course. I slowed down a little on Mile 8, given a brief hill climb, and had to slow down the final mile, as the left knee was really starting to feel the pressure.

The weather was hot and muggy, bringing me close to heat-related problems a few times, forcing me to take off my hat and air out my head a few times. My long-term preparation for this event was horrible, but my short-term prep over the past week, was excellent. Overall, it's great that I can still manage a run so well, carefully assessing everything from my hydration levels, my heat, my knees, and my endurance - making slight adjustments when necessary.

The Provincial Marathon is now 8 weeks away, and while I'd love to say that I can get marathon-ready by then, it is actually unlikely. However, the Half-Marathon might be on the table. Oh well, one training run at a time; and for now, a celebration!

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