Friday, July 26, 2013

Poor base for Tely 10 Race

July Running Stats:

07/01/13 mon 26.00 km
07/11/13 thu 0.80

07/22/13 mon 6.60
07/23/13 tues 6.60

07/25/13 thurs 7.00
07/26/13 fri 2.00

month so far 49 k
year so far 887.1 k

Yikes, only 6 runs in 26 days so far this month. Not exactly the best way to head into Sunday's 16 km race, the Tely 10 Miler, here in St. John's. The good news is that after suffering back pain for most of the month, it has subsided enough to allow me to have 4 light runs in the past 5 days. With just 38 hours left until the race starts, I am hoping to get in one more light run in the 6-7k range, so I can at least show up at the starting line without complete rust. This race is likely to be a very slow one for me, that may even include walk breaks. But having walked 20k yesterday, I am confident that I will survive the race and cross the finish line with a smile - even if I obliterate my personal worst time!

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