Saturday, January 19, 2013

McCreath interviews on VOCM about ethics in Sports Journalism

My recent open letter to the editor of the Telegram, raising concern about what I felt was a harsh article about the Memorial University ladies volleyball team, caught the attention of Paddy Daly, a well-known local radio talk show host.  We arranged for a live on-air interview to discuss the matter further.

On Jan 15, 2013, around 3.15 pm, I did about a 6 minute spot on VOCM's Backtalk show, which turned into more of a debate than an interview.  It made for an interesting conversation, as fellow-journalist, Paddy defended the rights and role of the media to criticize athletes who under-perform, while I tried to justify why this specific team deserved a bit of a mulligan. Ultimately, I think this was a win, win, win, situation, as it brought positive attention to me, VOCM, and the MUN team.

I am hopeful that an MP3 archive of the debate will be published soon, so those who missed it, will get a second chance to hear it.

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