Thursday, January 31, 2013

Jan 2013 running stats

Well, you gotta start somewhere when you are completely out of shape, obese, old, and have a torn ligament in your ankle.  What I do have is a proven history of starting running comebacks from scratch, and doing very well. this one will be the toughest yet, but I enter with a positive attitude, and the eye on the prizes.

January Highlights:
  • 15 runs in 31 days, netting 66k
  • longest run: 9k on Jan 21
  • best streak: Jan 6-11 = 6 runs in 6 days, net 25.1k
  • net weight loss = 6 pounds, the real highlight of the month!
  • best month since May 2012 - when i ran 78.1k (21.1k of which was a half marathon race)
  • heck, you gotta start somewhere! 

I'm feeling cautiously optimistic as I head forward. My adjusted eating program has brought me more energy, and less junk calories. Back pain which plagued me for most of the fall and early winter, is not as bad. I will look to slowly and gradually increase mileage, speed, and instances of runs.

February Goals

  • more weight loss, don't care how much specifically, but this will take place if i hit the running goals
  • at least 18 runs in 28 days of at least 3k or more (including 3 much longer runs)
  • start a weekly long run, and gradually grow it each week.

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