Tuesday, January 1, 2013

Hopkinton 2014 Project Launch 1/1/2013

Well, I have decided to give it one last shot at attempting to get back into shape and resurrecting my running career.  It started with a vision Friday Night Dec 28, 2012, as after sitting and watching bowl games, I decided to go out for a light run of one mile, just because... lol  A Saturday afternoon run the next day, cemented the goal: get back to Hopkinton, Massachusetts for the 2014 Boston Marathon.

After taking the next two days off to rest, I was back at it this morning on this chilly and very windy January 1 morning. I logged 3.2k on a very hilly route, but finished at my target pace. As I plan to slowly add mileage, the main goal is to stick with it. My weight has ballooned to a career-high 282 pounds - mostly due to inactivity this year, and as a side affect to a mood drug I was taking for 3 months in the fall. I am now off that product and already feeling better.

I am going to publish all my training logs, as incentive to work hard.  So here is the first update:

Dec 28/2012 - 1.60 km in 12.45 (5:34 marathon pace) 2 degrees drizzly weather
Dec 29/2012 - 2.00 km in 15.30 (5.27 marathon pace) 2 degrees drizzle, slush, fog, wind, felt strong
Dec 30/2012 - rest
Dec 31/2012 - rest

Jan 01/2013 - 3.20 km in 25.28 (5.35 marathon pace) 2 degrees high wind. hilly route strong finish

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