Thursday, January 31, 2013

2012 running stats

Let's quickly review 2012, which wasn't much to brag about. The inactivity was mostly due to complications from a nagging, and potentially permanent, grade 2 torn ligament in my right ankle.

- 67 runs totaling 321.6 k
- Only 7 of these were 10 k or higher
- 1 road race: the 21.1k "Not So Hilly Half Marathon" on May 27 in Mount Pearl, NL.

2012 saw the sad ending of many annual 'ironman' streaks:

- 5 consecutive Mississauga Marathons
- 5 consecutive Newfoundland Marathons
- 5 consecutive Cape to Cabot 20K races
- 5 consecutive years logging more than 1000 km
- 5 consecutive years running at least 5 marathons
- 3 consecutive Halifax Marathons

As I enter 2013, sadly, this injury has essentially been upgraded to a chronic condition, something that may never heal on its own, and something I may opt to have surgery on, in 2013. Meanwhile, I continue to gain weight, and continue to get older. Yikes, the future path to better health keeps getting tougher.

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