Friday, January 25, 2013

Ducks Dying at MUN, McCreath Speaks Out!

Due to an apparent infestation of rats at a building on the campus of Memorial University, officials have (most likely inaccurately) determined that the rat problem is directly related to the feeding of ducks at the nearby pond. They have erected signs asking "please do not feed the ducks".  This has apparently dissuaded folks from feeding these ducks, who have essentially become domesticated due to years of eating, and relying, on human feedings.

To all of a sudden, stop feeding them at this point, during the dead of winter, means that these ducks can and will starve.  Mainstream media, specifically, CBC and VOCM, have reported that ducks have been dying and that dead birds have been seen and photographed. There is now public outcry.

For me, this is more that just about loving animals. This points to a fundamental educational component of society, which starts at a very young age. If we are taught that it is okay to torture certain animals, how can we expect children to grow up and respect any form of life?  We starve ducks, club seals, and torture pigs and chickens, yet we act surprised when people allow dogs or cats to suffer? We act surprised when humans attack other humans?

Here is a paragraph I submitted to VOCM's news site, which they have published:

"we allow ducks to starve, we are supportive of the cruel way pigs and chickens are farmed in this country, we do everything we can to justify the seal hunt, even when the rest of the entire world chastises us, then we are shocked when we hear animal cruelty stories of dog and cat abuse? i think we all need to look ourselves in the mirror. we live in a society that condones animal abuse as a normal way of life. no wonder we have so much violent crime in this city. we have no respect for other living creatures of any species! shame on MUN and shame on society!"

Well, I have seen enough and I intend to step up to the plate in a leadership role to deal with this major societal problem. Stay tuned! 

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