Friday, November 2, 2012

What would I say to Transphobic Maryland bloggers?

Tonight, a journalist asked me: if you could meet these bloggers face to face, what would you say?

Well, here is what i drafted up:

Dear transphobic bloggers, I genuinely feel sorry for you. I feel sorry that you are focusing so much of your time on negative energy to slander, defame, bully, misrepresent, disrespect, and indignify, one of the smallest and most oppressed groups of people in this world - an exercise that will add no value to our lives or yours.

I am sorry that you seem to believe something that is completely false (that we are men who wish to utilize transgenderism as an excuse to commit hate crimes). I'm sorry you feel the need to waste so much of your advocacy time attempting to resolve a problem that doesn't even exist.

I also feel sorry for the groups and societal segments who you claim to represent.  You are giving feminists a bad name; you are giving cis female a bad name; you are giving members of the LGB community a bad name; and ultimately, you are disgracing your self, your family, and your state!

The world has seen so much great maturity over the past century with regards to acceptance of diversity.  Think about the many great milestones! Blacks are now recognized as equal human beings and cannot be 'owned' as slaves.  Blacks have also earned the right not to face segregation in terms of public accommodations   Women have finally earned the right to vote. Most recently, gays and lesbians are finally  gaining access to human rights protection, including the right to marry, the right to retain employment, and freedom from religion.

Trans acceptance is next on the docket. Not only have we arrived, but we are winning. 30 years ago, your blog might have received praise. But in 2012, 99% of this world will see your transphobia as being so blatant that you will not be taken seriously.

Your blog posts are so blatantly transphobic and so full of hate, to the point they are comical. And the membership of people who subscribe to your classification and branding of feminism, is so small, that your voice is now being drowned out by me, and by journalists are more than happy to jump on the chance to write a story that exposes trans haters.

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