Friday, November 2, 2012

Canada denies entry to prominent American Actor who is trans 11/02/2012

Domaine Javier is transwomen American who is best-known for her work on an MTV television show; and for being expelled from California Baptist University, due to her being trans; was denied entry to Canada today by Customs and Immigration officers at a Vancouver Airport. Xtra Vancouver's detailed article is a must-read for further details

This story has striking similarities to the situation i faced in Toronto, on US-jurisdictional soil, when i was subjected to aggressive, additional, and unnecessary screening, which cost me to miss a flight and buy a new ticket. At least I was granted access to the USA, but it was ridiculous that I was subjected so to trans ignorance and trans-profiling, which lead to this situation.

This points to the issue of ensuring that trans people, and folks not within a binary gender system, should have 1) access to ID that best-reflects their gender presentation, and not just their genitals 2) have the right to be served equally by staff who have received sensitivity training.

the fact that these Canadian officials would use her trans status, as a reason to search through her bag, then further give her grief over a bottle of prescript pills, that otherwise would have been a non-issue, and that they would hassle her about her volunteer cameo in an upcoming tv appearance, to inappropriately try to state that she was attempting to enter canada to work illegally.

Canada continues to demonstrate its national embarrassment with their transphobic and trans-ignorance, and general negative attitude towards these people.

More to come from me on this topic, for sure!

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