Tuesday, November 6, 2012

Newfoundland ATIPP Act 22.1.a facilitates discrimination!

One of the ten international principles of Privacy states that individuals have a right to know what personal information about themselves, is under the custody and control of Government. This includes opinions about the individual.

Well, in June 2012, Government of Newfoundland amended their privacy act, which had previously been based on these principles, to allow a major exception to this situation. Government has given themselves permission to deny access to these records, if the records pertain to employment evaluations.

Basically, government can refuse to hire you now, and they don't have to tell you why. all because telling you might make government look bad. Duh, ya think? This opens the door for abuse, discrimination, and corruption.  Government can now refuse to hire someone like, say, a transsexual - simply because they are transphobic, and the individual will never know why.

As all this falls into place, i can't help but wonder why it seems that I am always finishing runner-up in most job competitions i apply for.  Even worse, i am now in the process of working on a case where an individual won a job competition, yet was refused the job for reasons that are being kept private.

Bottom line, this new clause is extremely dangerous! it must be exposed, demonstrated, challenged, and changed.

I will report details of this case I am working on, as i become in a position to reveal them. Meanwhile, you can hear more about what I have to say on this clause at this vlog.

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