Wednesday, November 14, 2012

It Gets Worse! My response to Vancouver RCMP gay video 11/14/2012

While many members of the gay adult world have come out with videos suggesting to the gay youth of this world, that 'it gets better,' when it was brought to my attention that gay RCMP officers formerly from Newfoundland and currently working in Vancouver, had not only put together a video, but were doing a live phone in show, I couldn't resist the opportunity to call in and remind everyone that life in Newfoundland for members of the trans community, of all ages, is still very tough.

While the goal should be to take steps to make the world better for LGB and T people of all ages, it isn't going to magically happen. It takes a significant amount of work - including major sacrifices from altruistic activists. far too often, the issues facing trans people are overlooked. How coincident that a friend pointed out that the word 'trans' was only mentioned once within this near 10 minute video.

I felt it was important to remind everyone that those public figures who come out publicly and do advocacy and activism work, generally do not benefit personally. In fact, while their efforts help to educate society, their life often becomes even more challenging. Cue my life story over the past 5 years.

To hear my clip on the radio, as well as a brief assessment, check out my vlog here!

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