Friday, February 10, 2012

Feb 9, 2012 - dealing with transphobia in gay community.

it sadly exists, and because it does, i have often spoke out against trans people sitting back and letting gays fight our battles for us. this often offends some gays who feel they are not transphobic. which is also a good point.  

anyway, i frequently face tons of hostile and childish personal attacks from many gays and lesbians here locally. ironically, i take much more abuse from them then i do from the straight people here. while i can be very harsh and blunt in my advocacy work, i like to think i always do so with respect, class, and dignity.  to have people who represent organizations such as Pflag Canada publicly support comments that suggest i should be committed and supporting Barb Kay's article from yesterday? it's really sad.

This leads into my next beef. the fact that Government of NL formed a $90000 partnership involving Egale Canada and the Department of Education and the Women's Policy office.  Seems nice on the surface, but while these entities may be up on gay issues, they are not up on trans issues. i know, because i have dealt directly with them all in recent years.

so my beef? where was the stakeholder engagement? this all went down with no invite to consult. not to me, not to St. John's Pride Inc., not the East Coast Trans Alliance. and not to other prominent provincial lgbt orgs, that i am aware of.  So folks, you want to vilify me for having the gaul or guts to challenge the mightly Egale? well go ahead. good government requires transparency and accountability. with this in jind, i am going to go digging for answers....  it will be interesting to see if i need Access to Information requests to get copies of the agreements. will keep you all informed



manic.stars said...

Have you suggested to either the Province or EGALE to reach out to the Trans community to promote stakeholder engagement? What were their responses?

Jennifer McCreath said...

discussions and e-mails with egale reps never materialized anywhere.