Sunday, February 19, 2012

Feb 18, 2012 - first run in 3 months!

Well, the first semi-serious run, that is. after having my physiotherapist bust up scar tissue in the ankle, i figured i might as well run on it while it is already tender. i have taken on a couple of light 1k jogs already this year, but nothing above 4.5k since early November. so i ran 6k today at a very light pace, on new shoes. ran down to the pond, stopped to feed the ducks, then ran to the animal shelter to visit and cuddle with about 20 orphaned cats, then ran home. good cardio work with lots of breaks.  rolled the ankle a few times on the icy uncleared snowy walking trails, but no major issues.

spend the rest of the day watching some curling and cuddling with my two cats here at home.  i guess the official comeback is under way! not sure where it will lead this time, but i feel quite similar to where i was jan 1/2007 when i went out for the first random run with the idea of 'well, i just want to lose some weight and get in shape'. that is exactly where i am at now. well, we shall see how the foot is tomorrow, but i sense there may be another run!


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