Thursday, February 2, 2012

Feb 1, 2012 - Trans Airline Ban news story goes VIRAL!

wow, in just a few days, the exposure of Harper's anti-trans airplane ban has gone from small blogs like mine, to big blogs, to mainstream news entities, and all the way to federal QP!  Christin Milloy's blog (which she wrote shortly after reading my tweet) was so well written that it caught the attention of City TV in Toronto, who did a feature profile on her and on this issue for their 6 o'clock news, which was likely watched live by more than  100000 people! an archive is here:

Liberal MP Justin Trudeau raised the issue in Ottawa today:

NDP MPs Dany Morin and Randall Garrison also got into the action:

meanwhile, i remained busy today doing interviews with an Ottawa publication that comes out of Carleton University's journalism program, as well as an interview for Sirius satellite radio Canada, which to my understanding is broadcast nationally!  ironically, the news story was ignored by mainstream media here in Newfoundland.

meanwhile, more ahead, as Susan Gapka and Christin Milloy have radio and tv gigs lined up for tomorrow, and Josie Harding will be addressing both CBC radio and tv in Moncton.

A human rights lawyer in Vancouver has stepped up to the plate and has stated that she agrees that this policy is discriminatory, and she will help any victim file a federal human rights complaint!

Milloy and a trans friend of mine in PEI are both due to fly next week, so it is going to be very interesting to see what happens. heck, i am very very tempted to jump on air canada's 50% seat sale and book a weekend trip somewhere, just to see what will happen!

other than the bigoted conservatives/republicans, it appears the rest of the world accepts trans people. CBC conducted a poll and got 90% feedback supporting trans rights.  the stats never would have been that good even 2 years ago.

i wanna give a huge shout out to all the major trans advocate leaders all across the country, who worked so hard in this matter this week, and so hard on every other major trans issue... from east to west: Jennifer McCreath (can't forget little old me), Alice MacPhee, Trina Hanson, Aimee Menard, Josie Harding, Nat Murray, Susan Gapka, Michelle Boyce, Christin Milloy, Marie Van Sprybock, Mikayla Schultz, Mercedes Allen, Catherine Em, and Tami Cosmic.... and all the others i have missed!  

and a huge huge thank you two (yes, and i genuinely mean it) Egale Canada and Xtra Newspaper for stepping up to the plate this week!

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