Thursday, March 31, 2011

March 30, 2011 - Trans Advocate Tanya Bloomfield Forced to Leave Canada Today

Tanya Bloomfield is a tran advocate who moved to canada in 2006. she ran a business, raised money for lgbt initiatives, & chaired social & support groups. sadly, the transphobic Harper government refused to extend her immigration temporary pass and pushed her out today. She will arrive in the uk tonight unemployed, without her cats, without many of her belongings, and with no financial income. She has been abandonned by Canada. canada just lost a big piece of our heart and soul. this is exactly the type of person we should be attracting and retaining to canada. I am ashamed to be canadian today because of the negative and discriminatory transphobic treatment she was subjected to at the hands of the Harper government. Well Harper, I got news for ya, I am one Nova Scotian transsexual that you can't deport! So f*ck you and all your bigotism!

Listen to Tanya's It Gets Better video here

visit her blog here

and join her Facebook Group here .

Tanya, thank you for your many wonderful contibutions to Canada's lgbt community. I hope steps will be taken so that you may be allowed to return one day, should you want to.


The Victorian Housewife said...

Thanks for spreading the word. I too am in the same boat as Tanya, I am having to return to the USA where
there is imminent there danger of harm, violence and murder threats,to and having to continue to fight law enforcement agencies repores in 2 countries to report over 50 felonies involving both Canada & US

Jennifer McCreath said...

hi victorian, sorry to hear of your struggles. i'd love to hear more about you story. please do feel free to e-mail me