Thursday, March 17, 2011

march 17, 2011 - airport debacle

today, i was detained for 2 hours by USA customs. apparently i was guilty of "traveling while trans" which apparently is not acceptable. i was eventually freed and cleared to visit their country, but not until after i had missed my flight. it was never made clear to me as to why it took 2 hours for them to realize that i was who i said i was, and that i was not a threat to national security. some complaints will definitely be filed shortly.

while i can appreciate the importance of airport security, it is totally unreasonable to consider transpeople a threat simply because they are trans. this complete lack of respect for me as a traveler is what bothers me the most. i sat in a waiting room while at least 20 other people were serviced and processed before i was called to the desk for 'secondary screening'.

what a mess. oh well, at least i got to my destination, albeit 3 hours late, and after i had to pay an airport change fee to switch flight.

the issue of biological sex vs legal sex is an interesting dichotomy that likely contributed to this issue. the red tape of sex change government paperwork process is another concern. i am now almost 8 weeks post op and still don't have my new paperwork.

more on this story in the days ahead...


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