Friday, March 25, 2011

March 25, 2011 - Georgia Marathon photos and video

Well, the blueprint for the pics are out and they don't look too bad. Compared to other marathon pics, the two things I seem to notice both are the extra weight, and the fact that I am smiling in almost every pic. this was clearly the most satisfying run, albeit the most challenging, run, of my life. I think it is actually 100 times tougher to run a 5 and a half hour marathon while out of shape, then it is to run a 3 hour 16 minute marathon when you are in great shape.

This was the first marathon I entered when I clearly had no idea whether or not I would even finish. to complete the race 55 days after sex reassignment surgery, and to do so by setting a personal worst by only 7 minutes, far exceeded anything I could have hoped for.

and here are 5 of the many pics that were taken of me my the professional photographers.

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