Thursday, July 10, 2014

NL Trans* Issues Demonstration & Walk TRANS PRIDE

NL Trans* Issues Demonstration and Walk
Monday, July 14 at 7:45am - 9:30am
Confederation Building (left parking entrance)

7.45 am - 9 am Members of the trans community and allies are encouraged to bring signs and trans flags to Confederation building, East end parking lot entrance, for this grass roots politically-partisan-neutral, event, designed to raise awareness and to push for change to bring Newfoundland and Labrador up to national and global norms.


Vital Statistics policies do not allow NL born trans people to have government ID documents that match who they are unless they have anatomical surgery. This goes against best-practice and was deemed a violation of Human Rights laws in Ontario and Alberta!

Many medical interventions required by trans people are not funded by NL's health provider, unless the patient travels to a particular clinic in Toronto, called CAMH, who are known for long waiting lists and transphobia. No other province who funds trans health, requires a visit to Toronto. This unnecessary red tape must be removed. Allow trans patients to chose local doctors, just like every other province does!

There are many procedures not covered, whatsoever, in NL. Many of these procedures are approved in other provinces. The range of medically-necessary trans health products needs to be comprehensive, like they are in British Columbia. (comprehensive list for NL here ).

NL's health provider will not fund trans health procedures if performed at private clinics in Canada; however, there are many services not available through public institutes in Canada. Several other provinces have negotiated public-private-partnerships. No reason for NL to send trans people half way around the world to a foreign country!

The Human Rights Act of NL does not have the teeth it needs to help trans people. As per a case rejected in 2012, the Commission states they cannot hear cases of systemic discrimination against oppressed groups of people (such as trans people), but only cases of individual discrimination. This leaves trans people out in the cold. The Act needs to be toughened so the Commission has the tools they need to accurately hear cases of government discrimination against trans people. (details about 2012 case here ).

9:00 am - 9:30 am

At 9 am members of the trans community and allies, are encouraged to take their flags and signs with them for a gentle walk around the trail of Ken't Pond, which is just east of Confederation Building. This is not a parade, this is not a march. This is simply a sign of solidarity and an act of enjoying one of our province's nicest walking trails! Note, the trail around the pond is 1.5 km.

Disclaimer: these are non-sanctioned 'suggested' events that are not formally booked or endorsed by any individual or legally-recognized corporate body. People attend these suggested events under the assumption and impression that they are attending under their own free will as individual citizens, who are exercising their civic rights to physically attend government properties such as the side walks in front of Confederation Building and the Trail at Kent's Pond. Note: East Coast Trans Alliance is not a legal entity.

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